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Different, challenging, stimulating.

At this year’s ARPRO Approved Summit and Technical Conference in Budapest we discussed many key technical subjects during the main day, heard some fascinating insights from Professor Gerd Gigerenzer and during dinner were entertained by Danny Blue, ‘The Mentalist’. The event this year saw even more attendees and benefitted from their individual questions and collective discussions.

The above file is 35mb zip file containing all the photos from the event.



10th October 2017

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Brody Studios



Weird Gallery

We are W.E.I.R.D Wonderful, Exciting, Interesting, Real, Different

ARPRO Clinic

Ask anything you want about the processing of ARPRO


“Life is such a chore”

Sometimes it’s necessary. A walk around; NDA’s, T&C’s, being better than ISO, the certificate mind-set and freight constraints costs and opportunities.


“No damn chains can hold me to the ground”

Will you overcome the challenge of the Escape Room? Do you have the knowledge, strategic skills and the ability to work with a team against the clock in order to be released from the ARPRO chamber?

My generation

“Don’t try to dig what we all say”

Your next generation and ARPRO. A creativity session unrestrained by the past.

One way or another

“I’m gonna find ya”

Do stay; because we love you. Don’t go; here be dragons – the dangers of in-house material production. The Piocelan scam – putting it in its place. Reduced static ARPRO. Dynamic Data Exchange; what’s in it for you?


“I’m saying all the things I know you’ll like”

The chemistry and physics of ARPRO. Kill the confusion around fusion.

You’ve got your troubles

“I see that worried look upon your face”

Every aspect of technical support, from telemetry to troubleshooting, via press and utility to less stress.

Under pressure

“Why, why, why”

Pre-treatment and post-treatment.


“Here in my car, I feel safest of all”

Insight into car production, EV’s, new applications, ARPRO always on.

Stayin’ alive

“I’m a dancin’ man and I just can’t lose”

How to be and stay safe when travelling.

The “in” crowd

“If it’s square we ain’t there”

Get personal with the people who make your grades. The science and technique of bulk density measurement. Determining density and fusion. In-line QC and dynamic parameter feed.

The future has arrived

“One step at a time and you can’t go wrong”

A glimpse at the ARPRO pipeline and your opportunity to set the product agenda. Always more reasons to be cheerful.

The man who sold the world

“We never lost control”

Value selling for your sanity and profit maximisation.

App Workshop

Optimise your use of the ARPRO app



11th October 2017

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